Emitting a decent Trump…..

This man needs little introduction. It is of course, the current president of the USA, Donald J. Trump.

Like the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Trump comes out with some comedy gold. For a guy like me, a novice stand up comedian with an impressionistic bent, Trump, like Boris, has recognisable foibles in his voice, his gestures and the general demeanour.

Hence the fact that I’ve been working on a Trump impression for a good few weeks now. I’ve been watching the real thing, learning all the mannerisms and the voice, and also I’ve been tuning into the American hit show, Saturday Night Live, where actor Alec Baldwin nails the Trump persona so perfectly, that it’s hard to distinguish from the real thing.

So at my next online gig, I shall be giving the Donald a little run out to see how it goes. I tried my first effort online yesterday on social media….and here it is…

Not bad is it? Considering that I started impersonating him a few weeks ago, I’ve received some nice feedback. In my armoury, I now have Boris Johnson and Donald Trump to try out, two of the most powerful people in the world, if not the most powerful.

Finally, I leave you with this thought. A dictionary definition of Trump is to emit wind through the anus. Considering that’s the orifice he speaks out of most of the time, I shall endeavour to include most of his inane drivel in my act.

Yours in comedy

Ian L. Fullbrook

Sense of humour still intact?

On Twitter, a lot of women are having trouble with men sending pictures of their private parts, otherwise known as “dick pics”.

I have far too much decorum to be doing things such as that, but on the other hand, here’s a picture of a dick that I’ve found on the internet:-

Too good an opportunity to miss!

A.S.D Brooks

Venting my spleen in a safe place….

Evening. Well when I left my flat at 8.45 this morning, with the sky clear as a bell, I wasn’t in the best of moods if I’m being honest.

The Peer Support group didn’t happen, but I did have a one to one counselling session with my former line manager, who is a trained counsellor. I poured out my anger and resentment and barely concealed contempt for those who try to bring me down.

Let’s put it this way. Nobody will be able to right the terrible wrong of recently, but me. I will have to fight this battle. The help will be there, and I can call upon it. Some are not so lucky. But if I can beat the “system” again, then that could pave the way for others to fight back and get what is rightfully theirs.

I must thank the counsellor for allowing me to vent my spleen in this way. I feel better for getting some of this festering resentment off my chest. It’s given me a new determination again. There are people that care, and I’m foolish to think that they don’t. They can’t right the wrong. But I can, with the right help and support.

Not only that, I’ve managed to pick up a speaking engagement next Friday week. Happy with that, and that will do me good. Need to get the fight started again. But I will have bad days again, that’s for sure. Being with those who care for my well being is important. I’ve been pushing some of them away recently, as is the case when someone is hurting, they lash out at those closest to them.

When I get home, my CBT counsellor had sent me a letter to send to the DWP for their consideration. I will put everything in an envelope tomorrow and send it off. Then it will be a long and frustrating wait. But I’m determined that justice will prevail. I will not give in, that is the easy way out.

So not a bad day. Just waiting for the snow to fall in this part of London now. But before people get too excited, think about the bitter cold in the USA at present. That’s proper cold, not the stuff that lasts a day over here and clears off again. Keep warm and keep fighting.

A.S.D Brooks

More Trump stating the bleeding obvious…..

After the leader of the free world, Donald J. Trump wowed us all the other day with his considered thoughts on Hurricane Florence, the President of the USA has gone one better with his appraisal of Puerto Rico:-

“It’s an island in the ocean surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water”

Wow, what insight. I never knew islands were surrounded by big water. I always thought they were landlocked….

Yes folks. This man is a billionaire. Just saying…..Don’t think a cent of that went on his education.

A.S.D Brooks

A great grasp of catastrophic events….

This is Donald J. Trump everyone, in case you didn’t know. He is the leader of the free world and you would think, have a firm grasp of world events and in the case of Hurricane Florence, catastrophic happenings that require real leadership in rallying your fellow countrymen and women to withstand all what nature will bring.

So, sit in the Oval Office, face the cameras and give your considered appraisal of Hurricane Florence “It’s tremendously big, tremendously wet. There will be a tremendous amount of water”. Tremendous. Award for stating the bleeding obvious. It’s just marvellous to know that the most powerful man on earth knows exactly what to say in times of crisis……

Donald Trump on volcanoes:- Tremendously hot, with a tremendous amount of lava.

Donald Trump on Thunderstorms:- Tremendously loud, with a tremendous amount of lightning and rain. Tremendously wet.

Looking forward to the next BBC weather forecast read by DJT…..tremendous.

A.S.D Brooks

Watched in 37 countries…..!!


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Phew…..Thank you to those who have dropped by, please continue to do so, hopefully there’ll be something good on the blog that you’ll enjoy.

Thank you

A.S.D Brooks

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