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Normality returns…

Football fever is over, for the time being. With England’s elimination, the public can go back to living their daily lives with a sense of normality again. It was an exciting few weeks and it’s not until 2020 when we may experience those highs again.Today has been fairly quiet for me. No cricket involvement for me today, though I have picked up an umpiring appointment in 10 days time, just for a bloke I know who plays for a local club. It’ll be game on a par with the other day, a relaxed affair with plenty of laughs and beers afterwards. Delighted to be asked to participate. It was Peer Support day and it was a quiet day at the ranch today as all the staff had gone on a business awayday. We were left to our own devices and ran the group as we normally do. We broke from the normal routine to do some learning and educating about what triggers our mental illnesses and what damage that can cause to our physical health. A very good session.A few of us then adjourned to the pub to have some lunch and relax. Just a quietish day after being at cricket the last three days. It’s about getting that balance and keeping all the things I enjoy at an equidistant range. If I did just one activity for the whole seven days, I would go stir crazy. Weather today? Nice and comfortable. We’ve lost that oppressive heat and humidity which saps us of our energy. Warm but pleasant. A.S.D Brooks

The end for England….

Just like 28 and 22 years ago, the England football team bow out of a major tournament at the semi final stage. A marvellous effort from an unheralded and little fancied side. Few expectations that we would get to the last four, and the draw fell England’s way.Until tonight. We met a side a lot better in quality in Croatia. After Trippier’s fantastic free kick gave England a deserved lead, we bossed the first half and should have been further ahead. The roar that reverberated around the cricket club when the goal went in was deafening. Second half and England lost the plot defensively and offensively, and were lucky not to lose the game in normal time. Into extra time we went, and though the effort was there, the thinking became muddled and we lost our way still further, leading to Croatia’s winner.But no hard luck story. We can’t blame the weather, the opposition, the officials or anything else. England were outplayed by a better side who have decent World Cup pedigree. And I for one who thought we would fade into mediocrity was proved completely and utterly wrong. A tremendous effort and ultimately a step too far. But it’s only a game of football. It’s not life and death. We can all get on with our lives now.A.S.D Brooks

The Anticipation Builds…

Everywhere you look there’s a reference to tonight’s World Cup semi final between England and Croatia. Billboards, announcements at train stations, people wearing England shirts and small talk involving tonight’s game.I shall be watching, this time. After Saturday’s singular lack of excitement and interest in anything, it’s good to get that back before tonight. Can we do it? From 7pm BST we will found out the answer. Disappointment or drama? Today I’ve been in a relaxed vein at the mental health charity, doing a little admin work while chatting away with the staff. The mental and physical tiredness has eased somewhat. I was so away with the fairies that I got off the train at the wrong stop. Fortunately I realised my mistake in time and dived back on the train before the doors closed. It’s a day for a daydream….It’s coming home….is it?A.S.D Brooks

A wreck….

Bloody hell, I’m absolutely shattered this morning. Managed to sleep quite well after yesterday’s stint of umpiring but waking up and getting out of bed was an effort, to say the least. Most parts of me ache and even after a shower, I still feel achy and tired. Off to volunteering today, that’s if I don’t fall asleep in front of the computer. Also there’s some football match going on later on as well which compels my attention. That will certainly ensure I stay awake. No cricket until the weekend, that’s if someone doesn’t cry off in the interim. Famous last words….A.S.D Brooks

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IrelandAll viewed from my IPhone in my front room. Thanks for your support and I hope to repay your support by keeping the blog as interesting as possible. Apologies for the slight leanings towards sport, but sport is a big part of my life and keeps me on the straight and narrow.See you soon A.S.D Brooks

Pardon the interruption…

Yesterday was crap, no two ways about it. From all the joy and fun of the summer so far to a crash to the bottom. But that’s the beauty of living with a mental illness. Ups and downs, like rolling hills in the countryside. Today, an improvement. Yesterday I didn’t even want to go out of the front door and do anything. Shut myself away and let this interruption to the well being pass. And it has. Despite the cricket being cancelled, I’ve ventured out for a spot of lunch and getting that fresh air (such as it is) back into the lungs. Another steaming day outside. The good, positive me has returned. I’m learning to deal with the short, sharp crashes to earth. Learning to pick myself up, dust myself down and start all over again, as the song goes.A reasonable week coming up with cricket, volunteering, football and Peer Support being the main activities of choice. And I will be there for each of them. Back from that resounding thud of yesterday.A.S.D Brooks

It’s Coming Home…is it?

Consider these stats. 1996 was the last time the England football team made it to the semi finals of a major tournament. 1990 was the last time a semi final was reached in a World Cup, when we lost, amidst Paul Gascoigne’s tears, to our arch nemesis, West Germany (as was).England’s 2-0 win over Sweden yesterday saw a much unheralded team under Gareth Southgate make it to only our third semi final in the 88 years of the competition. Before the tournament started, I was one of those frankly bored by international football and by the usual ineptitude of the England team and it’s collection of average managers over the years. I even thought that Gareth Southgate was an average manager with an average group of players under his wing. Now, incredibly, we are in the semi final of the biggest tournament of all. Most of the big guns have fallen by the wayside and England’s path to the semi final has been made considerably easier, penalty shootout versus Colombia aside.Let me put this achievement into context. I never believed I would see a better summer weather wise then the one we’re experiencing at the moment. I also didn’t think in my lifetime that I would see an England football team on the verge of greatness. Believe me, I’m a cynical old whatsit and seen too many England failures. Can we see Sir Gareth Southgate in 2019. A Sir? Amazing really. There’s still the little matter of Croatia to get through this coming Wednesday, and they are a decent side with a good pedigree, semi finalists in 1998 being an example. If we play as well as we have done already, there’s the mouthwatering prospect of a Moscow final next Sunday, an event that will grip England by the ears. If this lovely weather continues, then next Sunday will be manna from heaven for us English. Could it be coming home, finally, after 52 years? And an England victory would help shut up your correspondent, who didn’t think we would get out of the group stages. Never predict sport, or anything else for that matter. Predictions can make us look foolish. IT’S COMING HOME…is it?A.S.D Brooks

Things happen for a reason…

Well no scoring today due to feeling unwell. Funnily enough, I’m quite ok now. Don’t feel as numb or desolate as I felt earlier.Was due to be scoring tomorrow, but regrettably, the game has been cancelled due to lack of player availability, which is very sad and symptomatic of a lot of Sunday club cricket in England these days. So I have a free weekend. Today, one of those things and incidentally, the team I score for on Saturdays went down to a heavy defeat. So the irony is that having a free weekend like this might invigorate me for the rest of the season. Disappointing and I’ll see tomorrow whether I want to go out. I may have another shit day like today, so I can only go on when I wake up tomorrow. The silver lining is that I’m scoring on Monday in our cricket week, so all isn’t lost. Sometimes things happen for reasons totally outside your control. This weekend is a case in point. But the rest may do me some good.A.S.D Brooks

England are in the semi finals…and I don’t give a shit

Apologies for the ending to the title, but that pretty much sums up this particular Saturday. A day when the England football team have reached their first World Cup semi final since 1990, a day when I should be rejoicing and feeling happy.But I cannot bring myself to feel good at all. A feeling of numbness and disinterest has taken over every fibre of my being today. Even if it were the final of the World Cup today, I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself to rejoice in a moment of national triumph.Just sitting here, staring vacantly into space. Been trying to watch some YouTube sporting videos, but with little interest or excitement. Can’t understand why this has happened today. I’ve negotiated a tricky month of the year and all was seeming to be good from my point of view. But crash!!! I’ve even been asleep on one of the hottest days of the year. During that sleep, I dreamt about being on a plane and escaping from everything. My brain has gone walkabout today and it’s hard to fathom why.So I apologise for not being in a joyous mood of national celebration. Having a mental illness means that enjoyment is temporarily suspended. I hope that tomorrow is a better day. Hoping, hoping. A.S.D Brooks