Listen to your body as well as the mind….

At Peer Support group the other day, we talked about listening to what your body tells you about pain and not wanting to make that pain worse.

Today I’m putting that into practice. Earlier in the week, I was looking forward to going out today, to travel to a football match and watch. Waking up this morning however, saw a completely different mindset.

I slept a long time, but it seems not a very good quality sleep. I feel quite tired and washed out. No enthusiasm for doing anything today. No get up and go, and though sometimes I do push myself to do things when not 100%, that is not possible today, not at all.

The TV will be on, and I’m just going to lay on the sofa and keep an eye on the sport going on up and down the country. So I’ve listened to what my body is telling me. Washed out, so stay in. Going out will make it worse. No gym today either, that’s totally out of the question.

A.S.D Brooks

Enjoyable viewing…

Last night I was here:-

watching a qualifying round match in this year’s FA Cup, the oldest and best knockout sporting competition in the world.

Why did I go? Because a cricketing acquaintance was playing in goal for Coggeshall. He is a former professional player who made it into the Scotland U21 squad, so he’s played at a decent level. He gave up playing professionally to concentrate on the world of work, so this is a good opportunity to keep fit and to enjoy the game too.

The game itself was a typically rumbustious, tense affair, liberally sprinkled with three goals, a sending off and the afore mentioned goalkeeper coming under heavy pressure at the end of the match. But his team, Coggeshall, held on by 2 goals to 1 to progress to the next round.

What else can I tell you about Coggeshall? They are part owned by pop star Olly Murs and his efforts and money have seen the team progress up the football pyramid.

It was an excellent evening out. Good atmosphere at the game, but the weather turned and the journey back was cold and rather wet. But it was nice to go out and do something a bit different and to see a chap doing well. I’ve umpired him at cricket but never saw him keep goal until yesterday. I wish I had that ability to play sport, I wouldn’t be 18 stone plus and a hell of a lot fitter. But that’s life.

A.S.D Brooks

This is perfect….

This is the life. I’m in Hertfordshire, with the intention of watching a game of football later which involves a cricketing acquaintance of mine. It’s the FA Cup too, the world’s oldest and best knockout sporting competition.

I’ve found myself a delightfully refined pub, vodka and tonic at the ready, with dinner about to be served. It’s quiet in here and there’s just some gentle background music. It feels as though I’m up in heaven again. Perfect way to unwind, and only 30 minutes from London.

Getting my agenda back on track after a few bad weeks. Could things be about to turn around once again? Too early to say, but this is a good day so far.

A.S.D Brooks