Exciting times….

Hi. My name’s Ian Fullbrook and I’m starting out on a new adventure. The adventure is stand up comedy! I can do some impersonations of famous people, past and present and this got picked up on by some people I know in the mental health world, where I do a lot of presentations and volunteering.

What started out as a short video of an impression of the current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has turned into my first stand up comedy gig, with another one coming up soon, interspersed with some impromptu Boris impressions whenever the mood takes me. Doors are slowly beginning to open up where they have been closed before. Knowing the right people and hopefully being good at what I do helps, but for someone who was and still is anxious about a lot of things, this is my comfort zone. It’s like a roller coaster ride. And I hope to guide you along the road I’m on. At times, I have to pinch myself that this is really happening!

So, be prepared for some fun, some tears and some meeting of like minds as I attempt one of the most difficult things anyone can do; make people laugh. Many have tried, some have succeeded and some have failed. But this is going to be fun, and please enjoy the journey with me. An accidental beginning maybe turning into something worthwhile at last at the age of 47.

Settle back with a beer and enjoy the ride!

Yours in comedy

Ian L. Fullbrook