Others liked it…though I didn’t…

It was my fourth stand up comedy gig last night and my second online. Suffice it to say that I got extremely worked up over the previous couple of days.

Doing an online gig brings it’s own pressures and difficulties. I have been working on a Donald Trump impression that had, and I use the word “had” advisedly, worked well in previous practices. All good in rehearsal……

In a previous blog post, I alluded to a dream where I bombed horribly and nobody laughed at the set. That sort of came true last night. The stomach was turning and I probably got too overwrought. The Trump voice seemed to morph into more of my own voice at times and I seemed quite unhappy and disappointed with the set when it finished. The other Zoom members probably saw me shaking my head….it should have been a lot better.

Maybe I’m setting myself unachievable targets, too much of a perfectionist. Every joke seemed to miss it’s target and the impression was below par. Out of the four gigs, that was my worst.

The standard of the evening was again very high and I felt honoured to be in such good company. Going to try something a bit different next time I think….if I’m asked. All comedians, even pro ones, have off nights where the jokes don’t hit their targets. I couldn’t hear much laughter, maybe there was, I was probably too focused to notice. It all seemed a bit surreal.

Got a few flattering remarks afterwards which was nice, but on balance, undeserved. But that’s me, I don’t have a lot of self belief right from a young age, and that’s permeated into my adult life. Maybe I’m trying too hard and need to relax a lot more.

Lots to learn and lots of tips to pick up from other comedians. It’s all a massive learning curve.

Yours in comedy,

Ian L. Fullbrook

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