Rotten apples in the barrel….

Hi. How are we all doing? I’ve perked up after a very difficult three months and life is a little better. Stand up comedy nights are obviously not happening at the moment, but with technology and social media so prevalent these days, there are virtual comedy nights going round.

I’ve been invited to perform at a couple of these virtual nights but haven’t done so so far. It’s a good job I didn’t link up to the last one as regrettably, it fell prey to online hackers who, in their game of pass the brain cell around, decided to wreck the night and cause it to be abandoned.

As we know, there’s always the rotten apples in the barrel that spoil it for everyone else. And it wasn’t the only incident to happen last week. Another stand up promoter had his online stand up night wrecked in exactly the same fashion.

The upshot is that security will be much more stringent and that will hopefully keep the idiots at bay. We live in very strained times, what with the Covid 19 pandemic and race issues coming to the surface. Everyone is edgy and jittery and the pressure cooker is just about this side of blowing up completely. That’s why we need comedy to keep us smiling and in a good mood. Unfortunately, some don’t share those values.

I’ll take part in a future virtual night once I feel able to get the creative juices flowing and to enjoy the experience. Meanwhile, it’s good to feel a little better generally after a very difficult spell for me personally.

Yours in comedy

Ian L. Fullbrook

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...