We’re with you Boris!!!

Normally this site is for levity and a bit of humour. As you all know, before the shutdown, I was doing some stand up comedy that mainly centred around mimicking the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson.

Well this Coronavirus has impacted everyone, either with their physical health or their mental health. Now this ghastly situation has struck at the heart of the British Government. Boris himself is now in intensive care in a London hospital, battling away trying to fight off this illness.

To say I was in bits last night was an understatement. I’m no fan of Boris or his policies, but I’ve been impressed by his calm handling of this crisis. No bumbling around or bombast, it was plain speaking telling us all to look after ourselves and others. Now he has fallen ill, I was recoiling in horror at the awful possibilities that lay ahead.

I would be saying the same irrespective of who is in charge of the UK at the moment. No one wants to see anyone suffering and when it is the No.1 person in the UK who has been afflicted, everyone does the good British thing of which I’m proud today, being supportive of others in crisis.

I want him to pull through so I can continue to take the piss out of him at every opportunity, once this crisis has been resolved. It’s one of the gravest moments in the history of the world, let alone the UK, and everyone has been impacted, and I mean everyone.

So for the time being, I want to wish the Prime Minister a full and speedy return to health and to continue the fight against this appalling illness. Whatever your political persuasion, I’m sure you will agree. And I have no truck with people who wish ill fortune on others because of their political ideologies. This is no time for petty point scoring. It’s a time for rallying round each other and to pull each other through this. Boy, it’s been tough, and I’ve been struggling to cope with it all, as have some of my friends.

So, Boris Johnson, get well soon, from all of us, to you.

Stay safe everyone.

Ian L. Fullbrook

Author: allenbrooks44

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