Second attempt….

Hi folks. Ian Fullbrook here again to describe to you how my second stand up comedy gig went last night.

It’s been a tricky spell, where I’ve felt very unsettled and February isn’t a particularly great month generally. The weather is always dreary and people are on a dip after Christmas. Same for me. So I was thinking very seriously about pulling out of yesterday’s gig.

I’m very glad I didn’t. Once again, I was impersonating the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, but with a couple of new impressions I’ve been trying out. They were pantomime villain and politician (the two do go together!) Nigel Farage and 1970s comedy character Frank Spencer, who was portrayed so brilliantly by the supremely talented Michael Crawford.

The attendance was a little on the disappointing side, but the stand in host did his very best to get a vibe going in the room. The standard of the acts was really top class and I had my work cut out. I was closing the first half so I had to perform. Nerves were the order of the day on Thursday and on the day itself. But once I got up, I was into the flow and the performance was good. Reasonable material and the voices were coming out decently too. My microphone technique was much more assured and I was delighted with my seven minutes.

I love the vibe of the applause, the laughter and the cheering. Also what I love is the healthy level of support from the fellow acts. Four of my fellow performers last night, Paul Scahill, Delboy Maliki, Emily McQuade and Lauren Smith were especially complimentary afterwards, which I really appreciated. Always willing to listen, learn and improve. Good for the soul this stand up business and I’m pleased with the start I’ve made.

So, onwards to the next one in April. I shall be away in March so that is out of the question. But, careful steps and I hope to make plenty of friends and see people enjoy themselves too. This has been a totally unexpected opening that has presented itself and I’m determined to enjoy it to the full.

See ya

Yours in comedy

Ian L. Fullbrook

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