Off the cuff…

I had to do an awful lot of preparation for my debut the other week. But there are other opportunities to do things off the cuff, without any prep at all.

Last night was a case in point. I attended an AGM for one of the mental health charities I volunteer at. There were lots of presentations on the stuff we do and they were all very well received. The audience numbered about 40 or so.

My supervisor asked me last week to attend and to do my “Boris Johnson” impersonation as a surprise at the AGM. I kept a vow of silence as well as most of my colleagues. But this added an interesting challenge. How would I react to doing this off the cuff and make it interesting?

After about 50 minutes, it was my turn. I hid behind a partition and put on the wig. Out I came, and it went very well indeed, in point of fact. The audience enjoyed it and this new venture has imbued me with some confidence I didn’t believe I had. I was in the zone and the laughter and applause was indicative of the enjoyment. Great buzz once again.

Feedback was very positive and lots of people came up to congratulate me. “Why aren’t you on the TV?”said one gentleman. Cripes. That would be stretching the realms of fantasy a bit far. But it went well, the voice, the mannerisms and the material. One of my colleagues said the impression was “scarily impressive”! I’m not used to all this praise. What is happening?!

Onwards and upwards…..another of my colleagues remarked me to the other day “Who knows where you could go with this?” I’m not sure and will keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. Going to take this carefully, but believe me, this has done wonders for my confidence and well being, which take a hit every now and again. On an upward curve, and I’m enjoying it.

Yours in comedy,

Ian L. Fullbrook

Author: allenbrooks44

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