Eyes down…..look in

Bingo night tonight. I haven’t played bingo for about 10 years, and I went with a group of colleagues from one of the places I volunteer at.

I do enjoy a game of bingo but it’s all changed since I last went. It’s all mainly computerised now. You pick up a tablet/IPad, enter your details and then you just watch your card being filled in automatically. If you win, you press the “Claim” button or shout “House” to get your prize.

Most of us won some money, including me! I had to call the Securicor van to collect my winnings, which totalled £3.35. Happy days…..typical of my luck that I should share the prize of £10 with two other people.

Lots of laughs and and lots of puzzled faces on how to operate the tablet/IPad. The games come thick and fast and it’s a world away from the pieces of paper and a felt tip pen to scratch off the numbers. Gambling, 2019 style. Can’t afford to nod off for a second as the games fly by. Good evening though and I’ll certainly return on the odd occasion.

One of the prizes was a Thomas Cook holiday….oh sorry, too late. I’ll make do with £3.35.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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