First impressions and self marketing?

Not too bad it seems at the former, but not so good at the latter.

I’ll explain. Last week and today at two separate mental health events, two people came up to me and remembered me doing some public speaking at previous events. It seemed that these people enjoyed my presentations and I’m flattered by the comments.

But I’m not good at marketing myself, making people aware of what I can offer. Always hiding my light under a bushel, as it were. I let people approach me rather than being pushy and overbearing. Presentations have dried up a little in the last few months but now Autumn is here, it seems I’ve been invited to a few events, whether in a speaking or non speaking capacity.

So if you want me to tell you my mental health story and my daily battles with being autistic, then get in touch with me on the regular platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I would like to do more speaking on the subject as it’s something I feel comfortable doing. Hopefully this might happen as the year end approaches. Watch this space….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...