Beware of the LinkedIn hoax….

I’m on LinkedIn, which is a business portal so that people can see your work history/volunteering history, skills and assets so that possible recruiters can see what you possess.

But, like most social media, it’s open to fraudulent activity. Now, I’m quite good at spotting scams and fraud. Not so today. This afternoon, someone who I know quite well messaged me with a message to check in on a website. I thought this person might be putting me forward so I can demonstrate my skills.

The only thing I demonstrated was my stupidity. I couldn’t get access to the site so I messaged the “person” back. He said “Let me know your thoughts”. I felt as secure as a piece of bait on a fishing line. I tried again, no website could be accessed. Cleverly and elaborately, the fraudster put a load of sites where you could type in your email and password. Not realising I had been well and truly scammed, I messaged the person again, and no reply this time.

It all looked very elaborate and well disguised. I messaged the person on Facebook and he said his LinkedIn account had been hacked. Please don’t be taken in, like me. I’ve changed all the passwords on all the sites and emails I use passwords for. I’m such an idiot. But I congratulate the hacker for being very cunning and leading you to type in your email and password. When I got the message that his account had been hacked, I had to act fast.

Yep, from being the one telling people to avoid being caught out to being caught out. Never again.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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