Albufeira – something for most tastes….

Just to comment on what is on offer in Albufeira. If you’re between 18-30 (sadly not the case for me), there is a street of bars, nightclubs and thronging with people. It’s called The Strip.

Me and my mate had a walk down to this rather loud and colourful piece of Albufeira. It’s not for me, being of a more advanced age, I found it a bit claustrophobic and with loud and thudding dance music blaring out of most of the establishments, we decided to head back to the quieter part of town. I know, I’m a boring old fart. But having just turned 47, I don’t really care.

What we found rather odd about The Strip was a hotel right in the middle. How do the inhabitants sleep with that racket going on? A rhetorical question that had me thinking.

There is the main street in Albufeira, full of restaurants, (quieter) bars, ATM machines, pharmacists and supermarkets. As I said, something for everyone! If you’re short of a loaf of bread, cash or need some tablets for that holiday hazard, tummy ache, it’s all here.

And there is Albufeira old town, which would have catered for the older person like me. Full of cobbled streets, and with more bars and restaurants, that was on the hit list for the Thursday of the holiday, but we were a bit tired and fancied sitting round the pool. It’s a good hike away by taxi so we ditched that idea and decided on more suntan and a dip in the pool.

We have reached Thursday night. The flight back to Southend is at 10 am on Friday so we have to be up at 6 to get packed and ready for the minibus to pick us up. My stomach is already turning cartwheels as the flight back approaches. The five days is over. Great experience and a much needed deep balm to the mental wounds of 2019.

Flight day follows….


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