So near and yet so Faro (A Holiday Chronicle – Day 3)

This is where we spent Day 3 of our holiday. Praia Da Oura beach is 5 minutes walk from the hotel, down some back streets and a wooden staircase down a hill.

Just wonderful. The sand, the sea, people enjoying themselves, endless yet comfortable heat, the sellers displaying their wares but showing great politeness on being refused attention.

Laying there, on a sunbed, drinking an ice cold Coca Cola, reading a book, I felt very different to the previous nine months. The strains, the stresses and the anguish seemed to ebb out of my being, down the golden sands into the wide expanses of the Atlantic a few yards from me. I felt so relaxed, so calm that I didn’t believe it at first. It was like letting air out of a balloon or the steam out of a pressure cooker. Calmness and serenity, and 1,091 miles away from the mad place of home.

I thought “This cannot be real!”. An unforgettable day really. We were at the beach from 10 am to 5 pm, with a suntan developing quite rapidly now. The seaside is my sanctuary, whether at home or abroad. Images to store in the memory bank, ready for the onset of the short days and the darkness of winter. I shall reference the photos I took to remind me that good times do happen…..


A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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