So near and yet so Faro….(A Holiday Chronicle – Day 2)

After a long sleep on the Sunday night, it was time for breakfast. Just some cold stuff, cheeses and hams were the order of the day for me as my stomach was recovering from being full from Sunday.

Then it was time to sit round the pool:-

Blue sky, barely a puff of wind, hot but comfortably so. Time for the sun tan lotion, some reading matter and some liquid refreshment. The time certainly moved fast. A good, friendly and convivial atmosphere at the poolside and the pair of us could just relax.

I even had a dip in the pool, but being a non swimmer, I just took to paddling about. A good cooling feeling as the tepid temperature took the edge off the rather warm conditions.

Nice…….just calming and relaxing. If only life could be like this all the time. Sadly not, in my case. But a respite from all the stresses of 2019 was welcoming and much needed. A good day here on the Monday.

A pleasant evening meal followed by a few long, cold beers was the order of the day come 8.00 or so. Plenty of chat from the pair of us, mainly about cricket, with the events of the excitement of Headingley still uppermost in our minds. Of course, being umpires, we saw the closing stages through our adjudicating rose tinted spectacles.

Abrigado. Day 3 on the beach methinks tomorrow, where this stress free existence continues. Time to hit the hay.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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