Typical isn’t it?

Yesterday I had no cricket due to extreme heat. Today I had no cricket due to……rain. Yep, that perennial enemy of all cricketers came to London and washed out my intended game.

Couldn’t sleep last night as it was so oppressive. Managed to squeeze in a few hours shuteye when I was woken by a loud clap of thunder around 9am. Then the rain started, in bucket loads. It did have the object of freshening up the air and making things a little more bearable after the last four days of insane heat.

My colleague picked me up and we made our way to the game. The rain was still chucking it down and I then said “I bet the game is off and no one has been told!” Correct answer. But this is where I get on my hobby horse of slapdash cricket administration. One of the teams had to come from the other end of the county, about 40 miles or an hour’s drive away. A few players turned up with their parents (it was a youth game) only to be told it was cancelled.

They were not informed before they left. Dreadful administration. Food had been brought, and a lot of organisation had been put in but no one had remembered to tell the travelling team and their entourage and the two umpires – us. Not pleased, even though our journey was relatively short. It seems that people lower down the pecking order are not informed when a game is likely to be abandoned, like umpires, scorers and other associated people. Not good enough, I’m afraid.

There was little prospect of play in any case as the playing area was under water and it was still raining hard. But what a wasted journey. Poor stuff all round.

So me and my colleague went for some lunch and that was rather nice, discussing future games, having a laugh and that helped to break up a largely forgettable and frustrating day thus far. Looks as though the heatwave has broken and the weekend’s weather prospects look rubbish. The air is cleaner, it’s less oppressive, though still warm, but at least nobody is sweating buckets and feeling as though they’ve run a marathon. Enjoyed the rain falling earlier.

And possibly….there may be a foreign holiday coming up! Watch this space, plans are in their infancy.

A.S.D Brooks

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