Cambridge is top of the shop….

An historic day for weather here in the UK. We’ve had four days of intense heat and humidity culminating in records tumbling across the country today.

The all time July temperature record has gone, but the all time record of 38.5 Celsius set on 10th August 2003 has remained intact. Cambridge Airport came in at 38.1 Celsius which is a tad over 100 Fahrenheit. This late in the afternoon won’t see any improvement on that. Hot enough, I’ll think you’ll agree.

I’ve not shifted from the flat today, and I had no intention of doing so. And also this weather has played havoc with London’s rail network today, so any chance of getting around would have been zero. My local rail line has cancelled all trains, further adding credence to my theory that any extreme of weather, be it rain, snow, fog, wind or heat and the infrastructure crumbles like a biscuit. Today is no different, and I’m glad I haven’t gone outside. Tomorrow will bring a respite from this insane weather with rain and cooler temperatures, thank goodness.

So the big heatwave of summer 2019 has ended, not quite with a record, but pretty damn close. We can all return to normality after four pretty incredible days.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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