The idiot awards….

This is where I observe acts of sheer idiocy, especially those in positions of authority, who don’t show any common sense.

How hot is it in London today? About 35C 95F, and unpleasantly humid. At my local train station, the next train was being driven into the platform by a depot driver. When he got off, he thought it’d be a good idea not to open the train doors and leave people standing out in the boiling hot sun for 5 minutes. Eventually he opened the doors to let people on. Great customer service and blinding common sense there.

Later on, I left my volunteering stint at SANE, walked to the local station to get a train into the centre of London. The train was in the platform, going nowhere, the doors were stupidly locked by the driver. There was a fault with the train, which can happen. But then a few passengers got rightly very annoyed when the driver continued to sod about getting the train started and left the passengers wilting in the heat. The member of station staff wandered down the platform, being accosted verbally from the train by irate passengers, and he then proceeded to have a long and pointless conversation with the driver.

A train pulled in going in the opposite direction and finally, the driver and station staff had an outbreak of inspiration. Open the doors and let everyone off onto the other train, which was now packed. At least there was air con.

Getting to my intended destination took me 80 minutes instead of the intended 40, because the creaking rail system we have can’t cope with this extreme weather. Was glad to get off, dive into a pub and have a cold drink. But we have had two lots of complete idiocy today that wouldn’t have happened if the people concerned used their brains. Maybe they were fried in this heat as well, or am I being kind?

Glad that the cricket tomorrow isn’t happening. I’m not using public transport tomorrow. Indoors, thank goodness.

A.S.D Brooks

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