We have the technology….

All it needs is a person to operate it….and operate it efficiently!

This is the cricket ground at Garons Park, Southend-On-Sea, Essex. I was on scoring duty for the Essex Over 60s team and the above scoreboard was something I had to keep updated all through the game yesterday.

A beautiful day, with clear skies and hot sun. I was grateful to be inside and not out in the sun. The groundsman gave me a 2 minute tutorial in how to operate the board, which is as big as a house.

Talk about multi tasking. Being a man, I usually struggle with this everyday stratagem so yesterday I had to operate two scoreboards, a scoring application on my phone and a manual scorebook. On the odd occasion, things went slightly awry, so I was grateful that I had a very competent partner in crime (whom I know very well) to keep things correct.

The main board was actually quite easy to operate, and very user friendly. You can correct mistakes very easily while keeping the other plates spinning around, so to speak. We got through okay and the after match camaraderie was excellent, with lots of laughs, and I felt valued and appreciated. I’ll refrain from making another observation, but as regular followers of this blog will know, it’s been tricky this cricket season at times to feel like part of the set up. The Over 60s cricket scene has players who I used to umpire, so I know what to expect and I do enjoy it. If only it was the case on Saturdays……..!

Just an all round good day, and that makes up for the disappointments. And I learnt some new technology in no time at all, which proves my brain does work!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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