Champagne Super Over…..

YEEEEESSS! The England Cricket team have won the World Cup for the first time since it’s inception in 1975, after one of the dramatic endings to an international match in modern times.

It came down to a super over after the scores were level in normal play. And in the super over, the scores were tied as well. But England scored more 4s and 6s in normal play than New Zealand. It was that close. Thrilling, exciting, heart pumping emotion at the end.

I only saw the last exciting denouement. I was umpiring a match at the club I belong too, and I was trying to concentrate on what was happening in my match and disregarding the excitement off it. Quite a surreal atmosphere on the field, and we all ran off when it was over and huddled round the TV screen in the pavilion, where there about 50 people shouting all sorts of instructions, advice and whatever else came to mind. The raucous cheers that greeted the final ball were exceeded by the crowd at Lord’s. England are World Cup champions at cricket, and I can say I saw it!

My game? Not too bad as it goes. Quite entertaining, another win for the team again. I was on duty on my own today, and really enjoyed the experience. Got all the decisions correct (I think), was in quiet control and just put all the recent problems to the back of my mind. The Sundays have actually prevented me from a possible walk away from the cricket club. I’ve been well looked after, I’ve enjoyed nearly all of the games and my umpiring has been generally ok from week to week. Everyone seems happy, and until I’m told otherwise, I’ll continue enjoying the craic on Sundays. The team are a good bunch and they’ve been unbeaten all season.

No incidents with food today after Friday’s shenanigans with the curry. Ate my tea slowly and savoured every mouthful, rather than wolfing it down. And my Louis Armstrong type voice of yesterday has been replaced by the usual dulcet tones.

So a good day. And I hope there will be more between now and the end of the season in September. But a final note on England’s World Cup winners:- Championes, Championes, Championes, La La La. 14th July 2019 saw England win their first ever Cricket World Cup. Life can be shit at times, but today not so!

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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