Leafy Surrey…….

This is where I was today, leafy Surrey. The other team I do the scoring for, a county Seniors team, played at a beautiful ground in the countryside, called Horsley and Send.

The team came out on the wrong side of a tight game but what a very nice experience once again. The weather was excellent, the tea and hospitality were top class and the game was good to watch. The only noise to disturb the tranquil surroundings were the passing trains going to and from Guildford to London.

The only slight down side was the travelling. It’s at a part of the M25 motorway that is prone to traffic, and it was no different going. But we made it in good time and the journey back was smooth as silk. A very enjoyable experience and it’s good, once again, to get out of London and visit somewhere that I haven’t frequented before, like Bognor Regis yesterday.

It’s just flushing all the negativity and pain out of my system and I’m back to enjoying the cricket again after a couple of hiccups. Being with good people and loyal people certainly helps too. Onto the next game on Saturday.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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