Weekend despatches…

A mixed bag for me with cricket this weekend. Yesterday was a tiring day, and it was the hottest day in the UK this year. Extremely humid and quite unbearable at times. And the cricket wasn’t all that stimulating towards the end of the game, though my team won.

The little niggle that was been plaguing my season at the club is still there, and I’m trying to stop it from making a rash decision. I’m determined to enjoy the season and push this problem to the back of the mind, where it belongs. By the end of yesterday, I felt thoroughly washed out and slept soundly when I got home.

Today was a joy. Another tremendous game once again, played in a brilliant spirit throughout and it was a pleasure being out there in the middle. Compared to last Sunday, when it was difficult to motivate myself and stay focused, this week was vastly different. It was a game played at a picture postcard ground out in the countryside and the weather was thankfully cooler, though still pretty warm.

I didn’t have a great deal to do decisions wise, but it was just a joy being in the middle. Both sides were very happy with me, which was good, and that has made me feel a lot better. Last night, what with the tiredness and what have you, I wasn’t thinking particularly clearly and thought that maybe my time is up at the cricket club. But no, I’m not going away and am determined to get through the season. Scenes like this

with the sun going down, chatting with both teams, and drinking something cool and refreshing are memories that stay with you. Keep the negativity to one side and try not to let it worry me. Easier said than done of course.

A great day.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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