I suppose it had to happen….

It’s always a dangerous belief to think that things will go for you, that life can sometimes be good when all of a sudden, something comes along to derail those thought processes. Little things can irritate you and you end up thoroughly annoyed and somewhat bitter.

I’ll give this weekend’s cricket as an example. Yesterday was fine, in the scorebox and the game was ok. No dramas.

We move on to today. And really, I ended up with the feeling that it was just a difficult day. Without going into too many details, lots of little things went wrong and I found umpiring the match today, rather hard work in point of fact. My concentration wasn’t ok like on previous weeks, and apparently I made a mistake with a decision too. Something happened at the end of the match too that angered me somewhat as well, suffice it to say it’s a shame that has happened today. I’ve been enjoying things hugely with the cricket this year and I suppose that the odd poor day can crop up. Too high expectations I suppose.

Why should I be worried? I’ve got a roof over my head, I’m not in debt anymore, I’m alive and really I shouldn’t be getting myself into a lather about things that don’t matter. But I take my umpiring and scoring seriously, hate making mistakes and generally take pride in what I do. But those standards slipped today and I’m annoyed at myself for that. We go again next week and today needs to be erased from my mind. Despite the best or worst efforts from certain agencies to try and derail me, I’ll soldier on and stick to what I know.

Mother told me there will be days like this…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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