Into the heat consuming…..

Was due to do some cricket scoring today but more rain scuppered that. As I alluded to yesterday, the UK weather is very fickle. Here’s some evidence of what it might feel like in my local area next week:-

(Picture courtesy of Netweather)

Now if this turned out to be correct (that’s a very big if), some the days next week in London could feel like between 100 and 110 Fahrenheit.

Uncomfortably hot, intensely humid, with sleepless nights and the electric fans working overtime. But there might be some fun and games if it gets that hot. More thunderstorms to add to the high rainfall totals across the eastern part of England. And I would venture, explosive storms with that amount of heat. The British weather is never dull. I enjoy the warm, sunny days but that might be a little too over the top for me, 110 Fahrenheit. Imagine being on a crowded bus, tube or train next week. Hmmmm.

In a way, I hope this comes off, as we may not see this again, but in another way, this intense heat may be too much for those not used to it. Mixed feelings about this. Obviously I’ll be wearing shorts for one of the few times this summer so far, but the sight of my legs might convince Mother Nature to think again!

Hope that the cricket survives and I can continue to enjoy it. But it looks as though we’ll be sizzling like sausages in a frying pan next week.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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