From brollies to lollies?

Living in the UK as I do, you get used to the fickle nature of the weather. Last year was one of the best summers of all time, with endless sunshine, warm balmy days and a general good feeling around.

That fickle nature has turned up this summer. It’s been very mediocre with lots of rain, greyness, cold, wind and just not very good at all. But….but….it could all turn around next week. I’ve been looking at the predictions and it could get very hot and very humid. Now, I’m a sunshine and warmth lover but not with humidity though. You can’t sleep and you feel sluggish because the air is so sultry.

Sometimes these extremes of weather come in quickly and catch everyone by surprise. If the temperatures stay in the 80s Fahrenheit with low humidity then it will be time to get the suntan lotion, the sunglasses and the shorts out. They’ve all stayed more or less in the cupboard all summer. Temperatures in the 90s with high humidity isn’t great. But then we British like a moan, don’t we?

It would just be nice to see the sun out rather than the raindrops hammering on the window. It would cheer everyone up.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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