Health updates….

First of all, I visited the hospital for an appointment to see the haematologist. They’re investigating polythycemia with a sleep apnea angle. Mind you, I waited nearly an hour for an appointment that took about five minutes.

Well, the news is mixed. My hematocrit (volume of red blood cells in the body) has been reduced by the venesection I had back in January. Not bad, but still some mornings see me feeling fuzzy headed, with tiredness and the occasional headaches. The department who oversaw my sleep study haven’t provided any results on how it went. So that’s going to be chased up. I take the view of no news is good news.

But I still wonder as to that episode on Friday night where I had those pains, and nothing since. All very strange. Don’t want to go through that episode any time soon.

Then it was an eye test, which happen for me every two years. Many cricketers I’ve umpired wish it was every week! But seriously, I received some news which I’m not surprised about. My short sightedness is getting slightly worse and my distance vision is also going the same way. I have noticed some changes to my eyesight over the last few years and it’s down to something I can’t do anything about – the ageing process. I wear verifocal lenses and I have to remove them to read something close to me, like small print. Hopefully the next prescription will correct it. The optician said that the changes in long and short sight balance out but the deterioration will gradually continue. Nothing I can do.

So some mixed results but at least I can still umpire while my sight allows, and that decision I gave yesterday (correctly) proved I have plenty more years left in me yet. When I walk into a cricket ground unable to do the job of umpiring, then it’ll be time to stop. Not yet though!

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