Trying to remain stress free….

I’ve been contemplating yesterday’s events and thinking of the damage that stress can do to the body. Not only stress, but panic attacks as well. Cortisol spreads around the body as a defence mechanism when we’re stressed or anxious but it does cause the damage.

So onto today. I’ve tried to remain stress free while scoring at the cricket, and by and large I managed it. No pains anywhere today, though the weather lived up to it’s dismal reputation this summer by being cold and blustery. June is turning into a forgettable month for weather.

And there was an issue that raised it’s head again like last time. But, instead of getting stressed and possibly having to make yet another 999 call (!), I calmly carried on and deflected the issue. It got sorted eventually. So it was a stress and pain free day. If only if it was like that most days, but sadly no. And by pain, I mean mentally more than physically.

See you soon.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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