A scare but I’m ok…..

Evening. Well I’ve just had an exciting evening sitting in a local accident and emergency department at the local hospital. Why? Well I’ll explain.

This afternoon, walking from the railway station to a local shop, I had some chest pains of a mild nature but were starting to radiate down my left arm. The pains were waxing and waning but I got home and all seemed fine.

That was until I laid down on the bed, just checking my phone. The pains in the chest got a little more frequent and painful, and then the whole left arm hurt. I thought that something serious was in motion, so I called 999 and within ten minutes, an ambulance called at my flat. The paramedics did all sorts of checks of my heart rhythms, pulse, blood pressure and then whisked me off to the local hospital.

A long wait as one might expect, and another ECG and a blood test later, and I was on the way home. Everything seemed normal, but the hospital doctor recommended that I have a heart MOT via my local doctor. The pains have disappeared and I’m fine again. My sister who was with me, was relieved as much I was that all seemed in order. But my late parents had heart issues so it’s best to be on the safe side.

Very strange day, and I hope these pains don’t return. I was quite scared for a while as the pain went up and down my left arm. But I’m still here and still breathing! Thank goodness.

Night all.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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