Not bad……

It’s been a quiet week to be honest. Not much been happening, bar watching the rain fall from leaden skies for three out of the last four days.

It’s important on a frustrating week where the weather is so poor, to keep grounded and remember what keeps me going through some difficult times. They say that to find the good times again, you have to suffer the bad moments. Never a truer word.

What keeps me grounded? Excellent friends and family, volunteering, cricket umpiring and scoring and that helps me remember that there is a world out there outside of my own travails. I have only done one full season of cricket since around 2008/09 and I’m very determined to see this season through. So far, despite a small hiccough, it’s been hugely enjoyable and I hope that enjoyment continues, because that impacts on my life on other days. If I’m feeling good, other things tend to fall into place. If I’m not feeling so good, things tend to go wrong big time and I isolate myself. A case in point is this year.

So a few reflective thoughts as I gear myself up for a volunteering stint tomorrow, followed by some cricket. This dreadful weather looks as though it’s getting somewhat better so it’ll be nice to continue those enjoyable moments. Getting stronger gradually….

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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