Blood thicker than rainwater…..

Just been round to the local blood test clinic, which is 5 minutes from my front door, and got thoroughly soaked in the process.

Yes, summer 2019. You couldn’t get a worse day than this. The rain is lashing down, the skies are slate grey and it is cold. The last really bad June like this was in 2012. That year, nobody played any cricket for five weeks. It was an horrendous summer. This one, despite today, is mediocre. I haven’t had much in the way of abandoned games so far this year. But it has to get better, surely. Fed up with wearing thick coats and jumpers when t shirt and shorts are the order of the day.

Still, I gave my drop of blood ready for another appointment at the hospital next Monday. More investigations into sleep apnea/polythycemia on the way. Not been waking up feeling at my best recently so I hope the answers will be there next week. And I still can’t work out why I felt rubbish for the first half of yesterday. I’ve always been a mystery, so that shouldn’t be a surprise!

Time to build Noah’s Ark…..or a rowing boat.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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