One of the better days of 2019……

I count today, Thursday 6th June 2019 as a very good day.

Why? Several reasons. First of all, I had a nice cooked breakfast and a cup of tea in a local restaurant I frequent quite often. Then it was off to cricket.

When a scudding shower came across at the cricket, I thought that we might be in for some rain interruptions, but the clouds parted to reveal a decently warm day with plentiful sunshine. I was in the score box today, and just enjoyed the day’s play. It was an easy win for the team that I score for, and there was another game going on with some players from my local cricket club taking part.

The atmosphere was convivial and there were plenty of laughs after the game. Just one of those days you don’t want to end. Then it was off home with it still being light around 9.30 pm. A moonlit sky to bring the curtain down on a very good day. What’s an appropriate word? Splendid fits the bill. Being with excellent people and enjoying the best sport in the world on a sunny day is idyllic, nothing less.

Volunteering tomorrow so a late cup of tea and bed methinks. Good to get some of my life back after a long while. Despite the hiccup of last Saturday (which I hope I’ve heard the last of), this cricket season has, so far, been hugely enjoyable. I’m appreciating the good things in life and people, I hope, are appreciating me as well. Onwards and upwards.


A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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