Things moving on quickly….

Tuesday afternoon. 4.30 pm. At this time of year you would expect nice, fine weather and the sun streaming through the window. Sadly, not today. Rain, cold, grey skies and summer has disappeared from the UK for a while.

But other things are moving on quickly and well. The garden has been done, by a nice bloke from the local council:-

Compared to the appalling mess it was in, caused by me, I’m really pleased that it looks a good deal better. When the sun does make a reappearance, I shall sit out there and top up my tan.

Pleased that I sorted out the issue on Saturday, and to stick up for myself. On that note, the appeal against my welfare benefit stoppage is ongoing, and I’ve sent off some more evidence so that hopefully, the decision can be reversed and I can get on with my life again.

The gas engineer came round this morning to do a statutory check on the central heating, etc, and of course, I couldn’t cancel this and tell him to come back another day. Being a council property that I live in, they all have the gas supply and central heating checked as a matter of course. Pleased that has a clean bill of health for another 12 months.

Cricket? Well, I have a match Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and next Tuesday, but I fear that this rubbish weather could put the kibosh on it. Still, the weather is something that no one can control, so we have to get on with it, come rain or shine.

And a spot of volunteering at SANE as well. I even turned up on Instagram with my face and a quote regarding voluntary work. Considering that SANE is a national charity, then I’ve gone nationwide on the Instagram website.

Plus, I may have some speaking engagements coming up regarding mental health and some exciting stuff regarding specialised peer support work in a few weeks. Everything is moving fast, but I couldn’t do most of it without the help and input of my wonderful sister, who despite all the traumas she has been through this year, still finds the time to support me and keep me just this side of sanity. And to the cricket club, who are very supportive and it’s been a joy to be around the place, despite the slight hiccup on Saturday. The mix of umpiring and scoring has kept me going through another tough spell.

Phew. A lot of stuff, but the upward curve has just begun. Can I keep it going?

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...