Third time lucky….

It’s been a frustrating and tough year. As we approach the midway point of the year, it’s been a welcome case of third time lucky this week.

Example one:- I’m very good mates with a bloke who used to sit next to me in Geography class at school over 30 years ago. After a very long time, we got in touch on Facebook and we keep in touch very regularly. He has similar anxiety issues to me and we get on brilliantly. He is a great help and advisor when things are not so good for me.

We arranged two possible meet ups but due to various reasons, they never took place. But this week, I travelled down to Kent where he lived and we had a spot of lunch and just chatted about what life is like for us at the moment. I travelled back on the train to London, with this third time lucky meet up, with our friendship even stronger and I hope we can be there for each other when the going gets tough in the future. He is a top bloke.

Example two:- I’m not a garden person. I positively detest it. So much so that the garden is massively overgrown and has led to complaints from the neighbours (rightly so) and a rebuking letter from the local council. Time to act on this.

Two weeks ago, I arranged for the local council gardening service to come and sort this out. They cancelled. Then they cancelled again last week. Very frustrating. What to do? Well, I arranged for them to come along today. I was just on the point of ringing up and enquiring where they were when there was a knock on the door. Sure enough, it was them.

The size of the task is quite substantial. But they’ve made a start on it and have cleared the sideway which was in a disgraceful state, in point of fact. Half the garden is cleared and the rest will be done early next week. This is a massive weight off my mind. It’s my own fault and it will sting me into keeping it maintained without going to these lengths. But I’m pleased it’s getting done. Third time lucky!

Hopefully the rest of the summer will see the weather and my own personal well-being improve. But I’m fighting, as I always do.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

44 year old adult living with Autism...