Wired for sound…..

Hi. Visit to the hospital yesterday. I had to collect a myriad of wires and monitors to keep a track of possible sleep apnoea. The hospital think that polythycemia and sleep apnoea may be connected, hence this check.

My sleep for the last seven or eight days has been fitful at best, causing low mood, tiredness and certainly has contributed to me not feeling anywhere near my best. This is what I had to attach to my body last night before I went to sleep:-

One hand held monitor for checking oxygen levels and heart rate, strapped around my upper chest,

An adapter with a couple of wires, strapped around my abdomen,

A heart rate monitor, courtesy of putting a finger on an electrode,

A tube for my nose so that they could check the breathing and oxygen,

And three electrodes, one on either side of my collarbone, and one near my armpit.

So trying to sleep with all that attached wasn’t a good experience. I managed around four hours sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable and with wires protruding everywhere, I looked like Frankenstein’s monster. So another crap night’s sleep to continue on from the last week.

And I had to be up with the lark this morning to take the stuff back to the hospital. The only saving grace was that the day is superb, with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. But I still feel in need of more sleep, and I want to go out again later to enjoy this fine weather.

Still, we shall see what the computer has gleaned from that four hours sleep. I must confess to finding it difficult to breathe with that tube stuck up my nose, so I hope that has been registered and we can see whether polythycemia and sleep apnoea are connected. I hope I don’t have to do that again. A very uncomfortable night in all honesty.

A.S.D Brooks

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