Back in the box….

Summer has arrived. A perfect sunny day this Sunday after some miserable, cold, drab weather this last month or so. And I was appointed to score a game of cricket today for my club’s 1st team.

The morning wasn’t particularly good for me. I have to admit to going through a panic attack and was shaking like a leaf all through this morning. What danger could be sensed by yours truly? Not a lot. Sometimes it’s not worth rationalising why I feel like I do. It just happens. Saying that, for part of yesterday I wasn’t feeling too good either.

But when I stepped out of the door into a sunshine day, the fear and panic stopped and I was determined to enjoy it. I didn’t want to pull out of the game at the last minute (which I have done before) but I called on my well-being toolkit to get me to the cricket club.

And I was glad I went. I was around very good people, the game itself didn’t go the team’s way in an exciting finish but it was fun watching the game unfold. I love cricket for the twists and turns of fortune, the slow build up of drama and then the denouement. There were two of my erstwhile umpiring colleagues doing the game and they did a splendid job in a frenzied atmosphere.

So I returned home in a better frame of mind then when I left at 11.30 am this morning. I’ve even caught a little bit of the sun. Summer arrived today and it was good to be part of it. Here’s to more.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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