I hope you were watching…..

This is my brother in law who sadly passed on two months ago. He was massively into his football, having played the game at a fair level and then became a manager. His love for the game was undiluted and absolute.

I went round to my sister’s the other day. Normally, my brother in law would be sitting on the sofa, watching Sky Sports on the TV and I would be talking to him about Tottenham, the team he’s always supported. We would discuss football, occasionally have a difference of opinion but the conversation was always healthy and fun.

So when I went round the house the other day, he wasn’t there of course, and I found it odd that I wasn’t discussing football and watching it on the TV.

Last night, his beloved Tottenham played Ajax of Amsterdam in the Champions League Semi Final second leg. Tottenham had to overturn a three goal deficit midway through the match. All of a sudden, one goal back, then two and then the winner (on aggregate) in the last minute. Incredible scenes in Amsterdam.

My brother in law would have been in his luxury room in heaven, drinking a couple of beers and cheering Tottenham on to victory. It’s a real tragedy that he wasn’t here to see his team’s finest hour. But his spirit lives on in us, as I’m sure it always will do. A poignant moment that has popped into my mind from last night. I’m sure he will be very proud of his team, and of his family and friends. We’re all proud of him and the good man he was.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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