Remedies at the ready….

Felt pretty rubbish this morning, with an aching back, aching ribs and the continuing cough.

I had to visit my doctor to put in a prescription for my anti depressant medication, and making it to a venue about 15 minutes from my place was an effort. The sun was out and it was quite warm. I wasn’t taking any chances and put on my big, warm coat. With the world around me seeming woozy, I put in the prescription and decided to try some remedies from the chemist.

So I’ve got some throat and cough lozenges, some menthol drops and some menthol rub. Even as I type, the warm, mellow aroma of the menthol is drifting up into my nostrils and I’m ready for a good night’s sleep, I hope.

The cough is still there, not as violent or frequent. The feverish feelings have subsided and I feel somewhat better than I did this morning. I just hope that when I do return to normal, the weather will have warmed up and dried up and I can put this horrid virus behind me, where it belongs.

So, good night and hoping to report on better news tomorrow morning.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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