Summer cold…..

Except it doesn’t feel like summer. The two days umpiring last weekend in a force 9 gale and a biting day have seen yours truly slightly under the weather this week. Though I did some scoring the other day, I’ve had a pesky cough and a croaky throat, allied to a slight fever which has made me a little grumpy.

Thankfully I’m only in action on one of the three bank holiday days this weekend and I hope that this weather warms up and cheers up. Incidentally, the weather is a mirror image of last year. Cheerless for a good while, and it turned round after that. I hope it does the same my mid month. I want to be putting that warm coat away in the cupboard until about October!

Just been sleeping and fighting off this slight illness. Don’t worry it’s not man flu where us males lay in bed and pretending we’re on our last legs. It’s just a summer cold that is annoying but will go soon.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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