For every 100 good people….

You will find an idiot or two or three. That’s the beauty of umpiring cricket matches. The vast majority of players are well behaved, don’t cause any problems and are a joy to know.

But in life, there are always exceptions. Life would be boring otherwise. Take yesterday’s game as an example. There were two proper umpires and there was an incident that all the players on the field seemed to accept. Everything seemed ok, except to a spectator who belonged to the fielding side, who was injured. It’s a shame he was injured because I would have enjoyed some verbals with him if he played.

This bloke took exception to the decision that was made and proceeded to let my colleague (whose decision it was) know about it. I called over to my colleague to ignore the idiot. But the idiot continued. In the end my colleague came out with a suitable reply that ended the matter:- “If you think you can do any better than me, than I’ll sit down and you can umpire”.

I again called over to my colleague to ignore him and thankfully that was that. I didn’t intervene and thankfully not. My language would have been rather colourful and the other point is that by responding to the abuse, you stoop down to the low level of intelligence and you lose focus. It happened to me many years ago when a drunk spectator took exception to my decision and I got angry with him. My advice is just get on with the game. And the person concerned will shut up in the end, as was the case. What I did notice is that he didn’t say anything to me, proving how gutless he was.

The rest of the game was fine and again, I felt good and in control. All the 32 years of experience coming through. I was bantering with the players and enjoying the atmosphere. At this rate, I might end up enjoying the whole season! But one step at a time.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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