Knowing the score…..

Hi. Yesterday saw another cricket scoring appointment. I was drafted in as a late replacement for an Essex Seniors cricket team and my umpiring colleague picked me up and drove me to a really nice ground out in Middlesex.

I was introduced to the team and I knew a few of them from previous umpiring encounters and from recent tours. The glorious weather of the Easter holiday weekend had given way to cloudy skies but a good game ensued that Essex narrowly lost in the last over.

My partner in crime was a personable bloke who has had vast scoring experience. We sat outside and this was a trying experience with cars going in and out as though they’d rerouted the M25 motorway through this cricket club. However we managed to ignore all this, and got through the game unscathed.

And afterwards, the post match drink, a thing of the past in most cricket now, but with these senior players, they know how to socialise and the apres match was full of conviviality and cordiality, just like bygone days. That pleased me no end. It seemed as though I passed the initial test and there may be more games on offer, so just a question of impressing the right people and of course, doing the job properly.

Now it’s a question of holding myself together for the rest of the summer. Based on past years, I’m in for a rocky ride. But the more things to keep me occupied, the better, and that’s certainly the case with cricket. Things have started to look up after the turbulent year so far.

Onto the next game…..

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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