Back in cricketing action??

Though I did some scoring out in Malta, I felt as though I wasn’t ready to get the cricket season started over here in the UK. But…..a phone call and a spot of lunch with an umpiring colleague has changed the personal mindset!

I just called him to just chat about what’s been happening with his season so far. The outdoor season is a fortnight old and it’s Easter next week, so we have plenty of games. All of a sudden he asked me if I was around Saturday and Sunday to help out with umpiring/scoring duties.

Of course I said yes. So I’ve got to dust my kit off that’s been sitting in the cupboard since last July. Ready to don that Panama hat and get out there. Can’t wait. Very excited for yet another opportunity. And it’s much needed. After the travails of the year so far, this has come at a very appropriate time. And the weather is on the improve as well, sunny and warm over the Easter weekend.

Don’t have any great expectations, just go out there and enjoy it. Relax and think that it’s better being out in the sun and warmth than the mustiness and coop like existence of the flat I live in. The butterflies are starting to churn around the stomach. But umpiring is like falling off a horse and getting back on it. I’ve fallen off many times! Good to be back.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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