Terra firma…. after a rollercoaster landing….

Home, back in England once more. And I’ve brought back the Maltese weather. It’s cold, grey and rather damp. Yesterday in Malta saw a ferocious rainstorm that flooded the roads. The British weather always follows you round, wherever you go in the world.

Flight was good in the main, except for a go around at Gatwick that saw the plane take ages to land. Descending through the grey clouds, I think the pilot had a pressing engagement in the Sussex area as he came roaring into the runway. I was cowering in the back, wanting the bloke to get the bloody thing on the ground. Down he came with a resounding thud!

The flight was only half full so I had a row to myself. I decided for an aisle seat as looking out of the window gives me the jitters on take off and landing. Bar a wee bit of turbulence over France, it was a smooth journey. Put my headphones into my iPhone and listened to some tunes to while away the 2 hours 50 minutes. Flying isn’t one of my favourite things to do, even though that was my 22nd trip on a plane.

A great week, much needed and the cricket and the convivial atmosphere was a tonic to me after a difficult few months. Can’t wait to get back home and have a cup of tea after a week of drinking coffee!

As they say, all I have is memories.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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