All over…..

Cricket tournament is now finished. It was a trying day, weather wise. Cold, grey with on and off rain but we did the good old British thing and got on with it. Yorkshire Seniors team won comfortably and justifiably, as they were the best team in the competition.

One thing I will say is that wherever you go in the world, the British weather goes with you. The mixed week has surprised the locals, but the cricket has been a success and later on we have the presentation ceremony and final dinner before some of the teams head home tomorrow.

I’ve been happy with the scoring duties, very few mistakes I’m glad to say and the week has been controversy free from the officials point of view, though the rain and cold made for a difficult afternoon today. One more day for me tomorrow to relax and pack, followed by an early flight Saturday morning and back home to England.

A great week, all in all.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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