Grounded in the moment….

Morning. A pleasant day here in Malta, dry and quite mild. Match day 3 is here, semi final day. And I’ve been doing some thinking, it has been known for me to do that!

As I’ve mentioned a few times, it hasn’t been a good year so far. I was reluctant to get on the plane and enjoy the week, but I’m very glad I did now. The Essex lads are a great bunch and I’ve heard a fund of stories that only cricket can provide. And then I’ve realised how lucky I am.

Why? Because I never thought when I started to get involved in cricket as an 8 year old boy that cricket would take me to wonderful places in Europe such as Portugal and Malta. Cricket has been a source of great joy, great pain and great frustration over 39 years. The friends and acquaintances I’ve been associated with, well money can’t buy that. If you saw me yesterday, listening to a funny story about an umpire that had me in stitches, well you might think that all my troubles have dissipated.

They haven’t, but they have been allayed for 8 days. It’s a case of forgetting all those troubles, being grounded in the moment and enjoying the fact that I’m here, on this wonderful island of calm in a sea of uncertainty. I am lucky, no doubt.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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