Rest day…..

Just an update from the Malta cricket tour. Monday was more typically British, weather wise. After the sun drenched Sunday where yours truly got sunburn, Monday was grey, rather chilly and windy. But the team won and have progressed to the knockout stages, so we have another game tomorrow.

Last night saw myself have a blissful and restful sleep, the best so far. It was a rest day for the team so myself and my room mate went on a bus trip to the ferry terminal in the north west of the island. Another cool and grey day greeted us and we boarded the bus right outside our hotel. Some things don’t change, however. Roadworks saw us caught in very bad traffic, just like being back home.

A word to the wise. The driving in Malta is shall we say, rather hair raising, even with the buses. The drivers take the bends at a frightening speed, ignore give way signs and fail to give way at roundabouts. How we haven’t had an accident so far is a minor miracle. The roads aren’t that well maintained, so the lumps and bumps are accentuated by the poor driving.

We popped across to the lovely island of Gozo on the ferry and had a quick bit of lunch before heading back. It’s been a good and restful day before the tournament hots up tomorrow with the semi finals. We’re up against the favourites but are looking to cause an upset. Every dog has his day!

Great fun so far, with plenty of laughs guaranteed. Bedtime now, looking for another good night’s sleep.

See you later

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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