Achy this morning. Why? Because I got sunburnt here in Malta on the 31st March. It was a stunning day yesterday on match day 1 as I will now demonstrate:-

Lovely isn’t it? That’s the only cricket ground on this paradise island, and at 10 am yesterday morning, it was roasting. And not sporting any suncream, I’ve paid the penalty this morning as my joints ache and I’m a bit red in places. Oops.

Result of the game? My team, Essex Seniors, lost a close game to Norfolk Seniors. It was good to watch and I enjoyed scoring. The organiser of the tournament has got an excellent set up going and everyone seems to enjoy it.

Today, not so glorious on the weather front. Cloudy and cooler, but I suppose that’s a relief after yesterday. Had my first decent night’s sleep as well. I never sleep that well on holiday but I was that tired last night that nothing could disturb me. All ready for match day 2 and a must win game if we’re to progress to the next stage. Hope the rain stays away. Don’t mind this cloudy and cool day.

It’s all going well and am not regretting coming along on the trip. Eight days away from the UK is always welcome!

See ya.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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