Fit for nothing…..

Yes, 175 of these…..

This morning revealed to me that my fitness isn’t what it should be. That’s no one’s fault but my own, so I’m not searching for excuses.

In the morning rush hour, I had to travel up to London to attend a day long mental health workshop. I’ve been really looking forward to this. So off I went, and the journey was bitty and disjointed as there was, not unreasonably, a load of people on every train and the train was held at signals on several occasions.

This of course was making me late and I was starting to panic a little bit. I got off at Russell Square underground station in the heart of London. There are three lifts but all had a huge amount of people at each one. There was a staircase…….and boy was I in for a nasty surprise.

There are 175 steps. Yes, that’s right, 175. With the panic of lateness taking over, I tried to rush my way up the steps. It was like one of those staircases that would never end. At one point I shouted “How many more!” My legs were like jelly, I was blowing out of my arse and I saw no end in sight.

When I got onto level ground, I slumped in the corner of the concourse and a concerned passer by commented that I wasn’t looking too great. She wasn’t kidding! An underground staff worker came over with a glass of water and after five minutes, I managed to stumble to my feet and make my unsteady progress to the venue.

175 steps! Inhumane for those who are not fit. For those that are fit, still a severe trial. If I have to use Russell Square tube station again, I will look for alternatives in the rush hour. That this morning nearly saw me carted off to the local hospital. Pretty drastic for a man of 46.

It took me a good 90 minutes to focus, get my breath and participate in the event. I might not go to the gym again, I might run down the stairs at Russell Square and get the lift back up. Thankfully I’m not in hospital and am ok, eventually.

Not the sort of risk I’ll be taking any time soon.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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