Trying to carry on as best I can….

As I’ve mentioned, life is far from easy currently. But I’m trying to carry on, trying to do things, but with difficulty.

A little bit of light came with a tweet of a recording of a talk I did the other day in South London. It was only 15 seconds in length but I got over 2,500 looks on Twitter, 360 odd views of the video and 28 engagements (people clicking on links etc…). I’ve been getting lots of positive comments from people that I met at the event and I hope this could grow into something really enriching and powerful. I will reference the video and the day spent in South London as I will definitely need it in the weeks and months to come.

Unfortunately I can’t put the video on here because my real name is included on it and everyone knows me on WordPress by the alias I use. I prefer to keep it that way. But if you want to watch the 15 second clip on Twitter, my Twitter handle is @AllenBr40292092, then you can see me and my real name!

A.S.D Brooks

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