A very traumatic time….

Hi. The rollercoaster of life continues to go up and then down. These last seven days have been very difficult, to say the least.

As you know, a family member of mine is very ill in hospital and he is in an induced coma. It was very touch and go the other day and we were bracing ourselves for some bad news. But….but…whilst there’s life, there’s some hope.

His oxygen levels have dropped a touch, which is a good sign, and the hospital will try and bring him out of the coma tomorrow. Only time will tell if that is successful. We are all keeping everything crossed that he stages a rally and can recover. A very traumatic time for the family as a whole, but I’ve been very awestruck by the love and comments from people. They say “You know who your friends are” and in times of crisis like this, they rally round. The family are very privileged to have those friends and their love and support.

I’ve been getting lots of support from close colleagues at the various organisations that I volunteer for, but there’s very little anyone can do but wait, and hope for some positive news. I’ve been through this twice before with my own parents and have lived through the grief and trauma that brought me and the family.

I’ve been trying to get on and do other things, but this matter is at the forefront of my mind and will continue to be so, quite rightly. I tick off the minutes and hours and hope that he can continue to fight. He’s doing so at the moment, and it’s amazing what the human spirit can do. But there’s a long way to go of course.

So that’s the latest really. It’s been a pretty rancid year and want some good news to celebrate. Who knows what is round the corner at any given moment? All I can say is that we have to face up to the realities of life and facing up to battles like this, can only make us stronger.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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