Tough week….

I thought that last week saw an upturn in fortunes and we can all look forward. The news I’m about to pass on has been very worrying for the family, and I’ve not been at my best as a consequence.

A member of my immediate family is ill, and he has been in hospital with an infection. I went down to see him the other day and suffice it to say, I was quite shocked and upset by how he was feeling. It’s been a big worry for the last few months but the last few days has been very tough. Thankfully, it seems as though he is more comfortable and the fight to get better continues.

Not been a great year so far, but things might start to look up family wise. I’m very close to this particular individual and I want to see him better and closer to home. We have to cling on to the good bits of news coming from the hospital, and hope there is more good news to come. I’m more optimistic and hopeful today that progress will be slow but sure with him.

Going into the office today to run the Peer Support group (which didn’t happen unfortunately) and catching up on some admin took my mind off the worries. Good to see some of my colleagues and that was a welcome distraction.

A.S.D Brooks

Author: allenbrooks44

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